The Summit House, Switzerland

Affordable sustainable homes.


A series of single family houses near Lucerne in Switzerland The development plan for the area has high demands on sustainability for construction materials, insulation, energy and air circulation. The Summit House is the second of our typologies to be developed in the area and consists of a simple plan arrangement that allow for low construction costs while offering generous living spaces.


This three bedroom house offers a large central living/dining area which is flanked by two bedrooms on one side and one bathroom and master bedroom on the other.

A mono-pitched roof creates high ceilings in the communal area while also allowing for an extra guest bedroom and living room to fit comfortably on the second floor in a mezzanine-like arrangement.

The various sizes of windows are carefully positioned to frame a view of the surrounding landscape or capture a ray of sunlight at a specific time of the day.

The house is naturally ventilated with the help of a three-layered window that allows temperature to be regulated as it enters the building, allowing for good air flow throughout.


The inside is entirely painted white to reflect the light while the external finish is made of vertical, untreated, larch panels which will turn to a lighter silver tone over time, allowing the house to adapt to its surroundings.

Lucerne, Switzerland